IT Companies available for Mergers & Acquisitions

Following are few of the IT Companies that are available for mergers and acquisitions: 


01030701 – Global Solutions and Staffing Company – Many Direct Clients including Earnest & Young, US Bank, Verizon, Powerplan and Cox Communications. Providing managed services to US Clients. 52 consultants on billing. 14 C2C consultants. 38 W2 consultants.  No H-1B or OPT or CPT or EAD candidates. Annual revenue around $8,000,000. Trailing EBITA is around $1,200,000. Looking for 6 times EBITA as sale price. Will provide guarantee.


01190301 – Bay Area Company Healthcare SaaS Company. The product is to support hospital Infectious Disease specialty. Over 20 years in Healthcare Software Development Services. Long standing Legacy Customers. Diverse range of 70+ hospital customers from well-known multi-facility hospital systems to independent hospitals. In the process of expanding products to hospitals outside of the U.S. Company has close relationship with the CDC. Great opportunity for entry or growth in the global Infectious Disease market and to cross-sell other offerings to the existing accounts. Estimated 2021 revenue is around $1.5M. Estimated AEBITDA is around $241,000. Looking for $3.3M as sale price.


02012024 – TX Company – Providing Professional Services focused on IT Infrastructure, Cloud Services, Security and Digital Consulting. 12 consultants on billing. 1 on H-1B. Stratesfy, ADA and API are Direct Clients. Approved vendors to Parkland Hospital (Shiftwise VMS), Toyota (RFP), NTTA (Portal Access) and DFW Airport (Portal Access). Signed up in 2021 for

5 years SOW worth upto $10 with around $2M guaranteed every year. Total yearly Revenue around $2,700,000. Gross yearly margin around $1,000,000. Looking for 3.5 times EBITA as sale price. High growth potential. Minority Certified. HUBZone Certified. TX State Government with Prime Vendor relationship for IT Staffing. Federal Contracts. GSA IT 70-IT Professional Services (Awarded Feb 2021. Valid for 10 years with 5 years extensions per period). Experienced Business Development and Accounts Management Team in place to take of existing and new clients. Seller will stay for smooth transition. Willing to provide 12 months guarantee. Buyer to pay the fee.


02130320 - CT Area Company – All Direct Clients. Clients include Cooper Surgical, Fuji Film, Yale University, Waterworks, and Disney. 14 consultants on billing. Yearly Revenue around $2,400,000. Gross yearly margin around $740,000. Looking for $1.2M as sale price. All paid at closing. The single owner seller is willing to stay with the buyer and manage the business to grow.


03072201 – Eastern Area Company – Federal Contract Company. Services offered Acquisition Support, Financial Management, FOIA Support Services and HR Support Services. 25 active contracts. With value of more than $125M thru next few years. GSA MAS: 541611, 541219, 56131, 541214HR, 541612HC, 541612ER. Prime Contracts with 10+ Federal Agencies. ISO 9001:2015 for Quality Management Systems. Secret Facility Clearance. Can pursue work on SEAPORT NXG, DOD, Intelligence, and DoS work as Prime. Cloud based Resource Library. Web based Acquisition Management System. Estimated 2021 gross revenue around $11,000,000.  Another $11M+ in funded contracts for 2022. Estimated 2021 EBITA is around $3,000,000. Looking for best offer. Seller is willing to stay and help in transition.


03200612 – Southeast Area Company Over 11 years in business as both Value-Added Reseller & Managed Services Provider for Global Retail Supply Chain Clients. Technical and Team Driven Culture. Headquartered in Southeast US and Off-shore (India) and totally virtual. Long standing legacy customers with expanding needs and C-Suite contacts. Servicing small, mid-market and enterprise accounts across the Retail Vertical (Fashion, Mall, E-Commerce, Mass Merchandise and Specialty). Expertise in Project Management and New Implementations for Manhattan Distributed Order Management System. Experts and SME including new Manhattan Active-Omni Systems (Cloud)-Omni-Channel Fulfillment and Supply Chain Efficiencies. . Managed Services. IBM Sterling, AWS Integration, Cloud and App Dev Experts. Direct clients include Levi’s (VMS/Pantoon), Hot Topic (VMS), Belk, and Chico’s (VMS). Tier 1 to Neiman Marcus (Summit Advisory). Yearly revenue is around $3.2M. Yearly EBITA $1.36M. Looking for best offer or a partner to grow with. 50% down at closing and balance paid in 12 months.


05042201 – Eastern Area Company Federal contracts company. Services offered include Cybersecurity, Digital Solutions, Occupational Safety and Health, Environmental Solutions, Engineering Support and Scientific Program Support. 18 active contracts. With value of more than $25M thru next few years. Rebidding value $50M and New Bids value $91M. Contract Vehicles: GSA MAS: 512110, 541219, 541518, 541611, 541614SVC, 541620, 541810ODC, 541850, 561920, 611430, 611512, and OLM, OASIS SB Pool 1 and NIHCATS. Prime Contracts with EPA, HHS, DoD, DOL, DOI, DHS, and DOT. ISO 9001:2015 for Quality Management Systems, and ISO 20001.  Estimated 2021 gross revenue around $5M. Estimated 2021 EBITA is around $1M excluding sr. management labor. Looking for 6.5 times EBITA as sale price. Seller is willing to stay and help in transition.


05192301 - WA Area Company – Many Direct Clients including Boeing, Raytheon, Jariet, Maxim, Tesla and NGD Systems. Long term projects with high billing rates. 2020 Revenue around $2,500,000. EBITA around $465,000. Looking for 2.5 times EBITA as sale price. 50% payment at closing and balance paid after 6 months with 90% guarantee. Buyer to pay the fee.


09030301 - CA Area Company – Direct Clients only. 10 consultants on billing. 2 US Citizens on W2 and 8 C2Cs. No H-1Bs or OPT/CPTs. Direct Client include Extreme Networks, Johnson & Johnson (MSA to work with more than 300 companies under J&J umbrella), Paypal, Move Inc and Yearly Revenue around $1,700,000. EBITA around $390,000. Looking for 4 times EBITA as sale price or best offer. 100% payment at closing. No guarantee. Buyer to pay the fee.


14140320 - CT Area Company 55 consultants on billing. Direct Clients include Cloud Elements, Zora Inc, United Global Technologies, Mars Solutions Group, The Akanksha, Synertech, Inc. and The State of Delaware. Tier 1 clients include Judge, Tek Systems, Disys, Rose International, Randstad, Cohesion, Royal & Ross, Capstone, 22nd Century Staffing and Whitridge. Yearly Revenue around $8,200,000. Gross yearly margin around $1,000,000. Include $750,000 Accounts Receivable. Sale price is $2,850,000. Will provide 12 months guarantee. Company is coming with back-office support in India, scalable. Buyer must pay the fee.


16130301 – FinTech Company – Leading RegTech Company providing Consulting and Services for Automation of Accounting Standards Compliance, IFRS 9 / IND AS 109 / ASC 326 Financial Instruments, IFRS 15 / INS AS 115 / ASC 606 Revenue Recognition, IFRS 16 / IND AS 116 / ASC 842 Lease Accounting, Enterprise Financial Solutions and Analytics. Company is delivering best in class Financial Controls and Automation Systems Integration as well as value-added Consulting Services to Organizations of all sizes and industries. Company has Regulation-as-a-Service (Raas) in a software framework platform enabling enterprises & financial institutions to process large volumes of granular data and out the required regulatory data, calculations, risks and reports with the necessary controls and governance. Current Direct Clients include A10, Trimble, AppDynamics, CISCO, HCL, Zuora, Oracle, PWC, Sify, TIBCO, Effectus Group, NetSuite, NICE, NetApp, LEEYO, TELENAV, Zoosk, Glassdoor and OSIsoft. 2021 revenue is $2,600,000 with $558,000 EBITDA. Looking for 5 times EBITDA as sale price. For the proprietary product, looking for development cost and 1x ARR.


16192201 – East Coast Company – Federal, State City and other Contracts. 65 candidates on billing. Only 4 on H-1B with I-140. Almost all Direct Government Clients. Clients include Montgomery County MD, Arlington County VA, WMATA, State of Maryland-CCU, State of RI / NC / FL / DE / MD / KS, Amtrak, USAC, Fairfax County Public School, Fairfax County, City of Philly, City of Miami Beach, Albemarle County VA, New Castle County, DE and US Congress House of Representatives. Many other Tier 1 Vendors. Having many contract vehicles including GSA (STARS II), GSA Schedule-70, CATS+, MPA-230, CMMI L3(SVC), ISO 9001:2015, and ISO 27001:2013. No MBE contracts. All contracts are Full and Open. Total yearly revenue around $10M. Yearly gross margin around $2.4M. EBITA is around $1.25M. Looking for $7M as sale price, non-negotiable. 60% down payment. Balance in 6 months. Will provide 90% guarantee. Buyer must pay the fee.


18092201 – East Coast Area Company Non-IT Company. TriRx (Bayer) as Direct Client to grow. Merck and BioGen thru Tier 1 vendors. 6 consultants on long term projects billing. Bio Medical Engineers, Test Engineers, Validation Engineer, Mechanical Engineer and Chemists. USC, H-1Bs and CPTs.  Pharmaceutical, Bio Medical, Biotechnology, Surgical and Genzyme Clients. Yearly Revenue around $810,000. Hourly Gross margin around $184. Looking for 4000 times of hourly gross margin as sale price. 50% down payment paid at closing. Balance paid in 6 months.


19051601 – DE Company – Software AG, Archroma, State of Montana and State of Minnesota as Direct Clients. Tier1 vendor to kForce, Global Logic, Agreeya/Deloitte, Ameri100, Birlasoft, CAI and IDC. 12 candidates on billing. 6 on W2. Only one on H-1B. Varied skills, no BA or QA. Yearly Revenue around $1.5M. Gross hourly margin around $120. Sale price $700,000 with 6 months guarantee. 70% down at closing. Balance 30% after 6 months.


19110612 – SE Area Company – Working thru many Tier 1 vendors like ARTech, Infinite, Collabra, DXC, BC Forward, Photon, kForce, TekSystems, and TechMahindra – Doing business in various countries including Italy, India, USA, UAE and Pakistan, with registered offices. 30 consultants on billing. Mostly with IBM on long term contracts. Yearly Revenue around $3,770,000. Gross yearly margin around $1,540,000. Looking for best offer. Down Payment 50%. Balance paid in 6 months. Will provide 6 months guarantee for 90% of gross margin. Only vendor working on IBM placements thru ARTech in Italy. Have special arrangements with al l the vendors to place C2C resources. The seller will continue to work for 6 months to make sure a smooth transition.


20222301 – West Coast Area Company – Microsoft SOW Vendor. Other Direct Clients include Unity3D and Zen3. 19 candidates are on billing. Only one H-1B. Yearly revenue around $3.85M. Annual gross margin around $1.34M. Looking for $2.8M as sale price. 50% down payment at closing. Balance paid in 6 months. Will provide 90% guarantee for 6 months. Will help to grow the business with profit share on new business.


22080301 – Bay Area Company – 74 consultants on billing. H-1Bs, TNs, USCs, GCs and EADs. Direct Clients include Google, HP Enterprise, Equinix, Western Digital (VMS), Sonicwall, KLA, E*TRADE, and WePlus. Indirect Clients include Facebook, Apple, and Intuit. Yearly Revenue around $10,500,000. Gross hourly margin around $1080. EBITA around $1,475,000. Looking for 3.5 times EBITA as sale price. 70% down payment and 30% after 12 months. 90% guarantee. 


Appreciate if you could refer the company that you tried to acquire but did not. I may be able to find a buyer for that company. Thanks in advance for the help.

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