IT Companies available for Mergers & Acquisitions

Following are few of the IT Companies that are available for mergers and acquisitions: 

01020912 – Midwest Area Company - $20B Healthcare Company primary vendor with $20M+ business in the past 6 years. Other clients include Infosys / Apex 2000, NTT Data with VMS, Modis with VMS, State of Connecticut, State of Oregon, State of Colorado, and City of Atlanta. VMS with Covendis and Vector. 22 candidates on billing. 5 on W2 (2 H-1Bs, 2 US Citizen, and 1 H4/EAD), 2 on 1099, 1 Freelancer and 14 C2Cs. Current annual revenue is more than $4M. Hourly gross margin around $516.  Looking for 4200 times hourly gross margin or better offer with 70% down payment and balance paid in 6 months with 90% guarantee. 


01020912 – SaaS Product: $100M revenue potential SaaS product. This product will empower teachers with collaboration and management tools to manage all their activities. Facilitate students to carry all their learning experience. Allow Parent to keep tract of their children progress. Looking for $400K or the best offer. 


01031410 – Consumer Website - This is a consumer-based website to sell event tickets, classified and deal & coupon and gets commission. This website is already running for the last 4 years. It has a good presence in the USA and now a growing presence in Canada and India. This website is in a top 3 for selling Indian events tickets in the Northeast USA. This website has Registered Users: Around 4000 & Subscribers: Around 35000.  2019 revenue around $95,000. Expenses $32,000. Gross margin $63,000. The seller is looking to sell this website for $50,000. All paid at closing.


02012024 – TX Company – Providing Professional Services focused on IT Infrastructure, Cloud Services, Security and Digital Consulting. 12 consultants on billing. 1 on H-1B. Stratesfy, ADA and API are Direct Clients. Approved vendors to Parkland Hospital (Shiftwise VMS), Toyota (RFP), NTTA (Portal Access) and DFW Airport (Portal Access). Signed up in 2021 for

5 years SOW worth upto $10 with around $2M guaranteed every year. Total yearly Revenue around $2,700,000. Gross yearly margin around $1,000,000. Looking for 3.5 times EBITA as sale price. High growth potential. Minority Certified. HUBZone Certified. TX State Government with Prime Vendor relationship for IT Staffing. Federal Contracts. GSA IT 70-IT Professional Services (Awarded Feb 2021. Valid for 10 years with 5 years extensions per period). Experienced Business Development and Accounts Management Team in place to take care of existing and new clients. Seller will stay for smooth transition. Willing to provide 12 months guarantee. Buyer to pay the fee.


02130320 - CT Area Company – All Direct Clients. Clients include Cooper Surgical, Fuji Film, Yale, Waterworks, LLS, Presidio. 8 consultants on billing. Yearly Revenue around $2,000,000. Gross yearly margin around $600,000. Looking for 2 times annual gross margin as sale price. 80% down payment at closing and balance paid in 6 months. The single owner seller is willing to stay with the buyer and manage the business to grow. 


03131410 – Northeast Area Company - Shares Sale – 8 Candidates on billing. 7 candidates on W2 and 1 is C2C. 3 on H-1B and 4 on OPT (Picked in the lottery). 4 new candidates got picked in the lottery to join on October 1, 2022. More than $1M annual revenue. Around $87 hourly margin. Looking for $370,000 as sale price. 70% down at closing and balance paid in 6 months. 


04032201 – Southeast Area Company is a small and minority owned IT Services Provider and an Oracle Gold Partner. Oracle EPM Shop. Many Direct Clients. Company with well-established practice areas in Business Process Transformation, Cloud Strategy, Oracle Cloud, Application Development and Maintenance Services (ADMS) and IT staffing. Getting the Infosys vendorship (Pontoon VMS). Direct vendor to Trans Canada Energy (Procom VMS). Established in 2009. Come with the complete back-office team. Average yearly revenue for the past 4 years has been around $1,000,000. Average EBITA is around $125,000 per year. Ongoing support payments per month is $5000 from nine projects. Currently bidding on $300,000 worth of projects and $25/hr gross margin staffing. Looking for four times EBITA. Owner will help for a successful transition.


05042201 – Eastern Area Company Federal contracts company. Services offered include Cybersecurity, Digital Solutions, Occupational Safety and Health, Environmental Solutions, Engineering Support and Scientific Program Support. 18 active contracts. With a value of more than $25M over the next few years. Rebidding value $50M and New Bids value $91M. Contract Vehicles: GSA MAS: 512110, 541219, 541518, 541611, 541614SVC, 541620, 541810ODC, 541850, 561920, 611430, 611512, and OLM, OASIS SB Pool 1 and NIHCATS. Prime Contracts with EPA, HHS, DoD, DOL, DOI, DHS, and DOT. ISO 9001:2015 for Quality Management Systems, and ISO 20001.  Estimated 2021 gross revenue around $5M. Estimated 2021 EBITA is around $1M excluding sr. management labor. Looking for 6.5 times EBITA as sale price. The seller is willing to stay and help in transition.


05092201 – East Coast Area Company Non-IT Company. TriRx (Bayer) as Direct Client to grow. Merck and BioGen through Tier 1 vendors. 6 consultants on long term projects billing. Bio Medical Engineers, Test Engineers, Validation Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, and Chemists. USC, H-1Bs and CPTs.  Pharmaceutical, Bio Medical, Biotechnology, Surgical and Genzyme Clients. Yearly Revenue is around $810,000. Hourly Gross margin around $184. Looking for 4000 times of hourly gross margin as sale price. 50% down payment paid at closing. Balance paid in 6 months. 


09030301 - CA Area Company – Direct Clients only. 10 consultants on billing. 2 US Citizens on W2 and 8 C2Cs. No H-1Bs or OPT/CPTs. Direct Client include Extreme Networks, Johnson & Johnson (MSA to work with more than 300 companies under J&J umbrella), Paypal, Move Inc and Yearly Revenue around $1,700,000. EBITA around $390,000. Looking for 4 times EBITA as sale price or best offer. 100% payment at closing. No guarantee. Buyer to pay the fee.


09161410 – Northeast Area Company – 40 candidates on billing. Java, Salesforce, Python and DevOps Developers. 12 candidates on H-1B and 28 on OPT. 14 candidates got picked in the lottery for H-1B. 5 OPT candidates on bench to come with the company. Current revenue run rate is more than $5,000,000. The hourly gross margin is around $688. Looking for 3500 times hourly gross margin with 6 months or 3250 times hourly gross margin with 3 months guarantee or 3000 times with no guarantee. 75% down payment at closing and balance paid after the guarantee period. For the no guarantee option balance payment will be paid upon successful transfer of all the MSAs and POs. 


09222024 – TX Area Company – Product Company. Learning Management System. IT Consulting Services, IT Training, Cloud based LMS Software using React UI / MySQL Technology. Product highlights: Instructor login, upload training content / video, create and send Quiz. Student login, test taking, results.  Admin login, management, Reports. Mobile compatible. 20-minute 2-part video demo, code preview available. Complete Minimal Viable Product (MVP) stage but have not taken on any clients yet.  Upon sale, 3 months technical support available. Use Cases for software: Onboarding training for new hires.  Annual internal training for employees on IT security best practices, AML, Business conduct etc.  Send screening tests to new applicants. Incorporated in 2014. S Corp based in Texas. Asking Price: $100K (immediate sale, no shopping option), or best offer over $70K ($2k deposit with 1-month shopping option).  Company only w/o software $50K.


14140320 - CT Area Company – 55 consultants on billing. Direct Clients include Cloud Elements, Zora Inc, United Global Technologies, Mars Solutions Group, The Akanksha, Synertech, Inc. and The State of Delaware. Tier 1 clients include Judge, Tek Systems, Disys, Rose International, Randstad, Cohesion, Royal & Ross, Capstone, 22nd Century Staffing and Whitridge. Yearly Revenue is around $8,200,000. Gross yearly margin around $1,200,000. Include $600,000 Accounts Receivable. Valuation is $3,000,000. Looking for 50% partner with $1.5M cash down.  Buyers must pay the fee.


16090809 – Indian Company – IBM Gold Business Partner. Well established, 5 years old services company with ISO 9001: 2021 certification, having IBM Gold Partnership in India and registered office in WY, USA. Organization with four primary lines of business: Software Reselling, IBM Cloud, Consulting, IBM Services and JS Full stack services. Total 57 + skilled employees on direct payroll, capable of delivering enterprise level, complex solutions using IBM Integration portfolio, IBM WebSphere, JS Full stack & IBM Cloud. A dedicated R&D team focuses on new software releases, integration Methodologies, develops reusable modules and follow new trends. Having customer focus in Digital Transformation of Banking Finance and Insurance (BFSI), Media & Entertainment, Supply chain and Education sectors. Provides solutions, support & maintenance, managed services, and staffing. Served 130+ customers worldwide and continuous revenue from 25. Recently Initiated RedHat, Oracle and VM Ware Practices. Continuously doubling Y-o-Y revenues and for the trailing 12 months is around INR 20 Crore. EBITA around INR 2.3 Crore. The expected valuation is 10 times EBITA. Looking for a majority partner who will help to grow the business more.


16130301 – FinTech Company - Direct MSA’s with clients like PWC India, Cisco   App Dynamics, Zoom, Citrix, Genesys, Splunk, Zuora, TIBCO, Zoosk, Telenav, A10 Networks, etc - 45 Billable Resources (30 Offshore India & 15 Onshore USA). Specialize in Revenue Recognition & Management Solutions. Gross Annual Revenue 2021 at $3M. Projected Gross Annual Revenue 2022 is around $3.5M. EBIDTA is around $700,000. Looking for 5 times EBITA as sale price. 70% down payment and balance paid in 6 months. 90% guarantee. Huge opportunity to scale revenue by addressing IT requirements of all existing customers using the current MSAs.


16161903 – East Coast Company offers a full suite of managed cloud and on-premises IT services providing exceptional reliability and maximum flexibility to your business while safeguarding client intellectual asset – data. Services include Managed Cloud Computing, Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery, Desktop as a Service, IT Support—Help Desk, Email Services, Microsoft 365, Managed Network, Managed Servers & Desktop, Managed Voice Services (VoIP), Security Awareness, IT Consulting. Around $2M in revenue with around $1M in EBITA. Looking for 5.5 times EBITA as sale price. 60% down payment and balance paid in 12 months.


18092201 – East Coast Area Company Non-IT Company. Direct Clients with VMS include Moderna, Catalent, Zimmer Biomet. Work with FDA (Food and Drug Administration) through 8a partners. 65 consultants on long term projects billing. H-1Bs, OPTs and CPTs. Bio Medical Engineers, Test Engineers, Validation Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, and Chemists. Pharmaceutical, Bio Medical, Biotechnology, Surgical and Genzyme Clients. Current run rate of Yearly Revenue around $9,675,000. Hourly Gross margin around $1700. Looking for 4000 times of hourly gross margin as sale price or best offer. 90% down payment paid at closing. Balance paid in 30 days. Buyer to pay the fee.


19062024 – TX Company – 8 consultants on billing. 4 on H-1B. 2 on H4 EAD and 2 on CPT. Mostly Java and Python candidates. Yearly Revenue around $1.000,000. Gross hourly margin around $106. Looking for 2500 times hourly gross margin as sale price. 70% paid at closing and balance paid upon completion of the successful transfer of all the MSAs and POs. Buyer must pay a fee.


19110612 – SE Area Company – Working thru many Tier 1 vendors like ARTech, Infinite, Collabra, DXC, BC Forward, Photon, kForce, TekSystems, and TechMahindra – Doing business in various countries including Italy, India, USA, UAE and Pakistan, with registered offices. 30 consultants on billing. Mostly with IBM on long-term contracts. Yearly Revenue is around $3,770,000. Gross yearly margin around $1,540,000. Looking for the best offer. Down Payment 50%. Balance paid in 6 months. Will provide 6 months guarantee for 90% of gross margin. Only vendor working on IBM placements thru ARTech in Italy. Have special arrangements with all the vendors to place C2C resources. The seller will continue to work for 6 months to make sure of a smooth transition.


19202301 – West Coast Area Company Sales Performance Management Consulting Company. Direct Clients include T-Mobile, NetApp, ZoomInfo, Infinera, LinkedIn, Sumo Logic, vmware, Lennox, Bausch + Lomb, City National Bank, Capital One, Tektronix, Auth0, Bitsight, Simplot, Crown Castle, Bloomenergy, JABIL, Mitel, Akamai,, Vivint. PayPal, Yext and Continental. 75 Employees. Providing Strategic Consulting, Technology Consulting, Selection, Platform Implementation, Training, Post Implementation, Managed Services and Software Sales. Reseller to SAP, Jedox and Varicent. High growth potential. More than $9M in 2021 revenue. Around $2M EBITA. Looking for 6 times EBITA as sale price. Will help in smooth transition.


20090912 – Midwest Company – SAP Partner – Projects and Placements – Many Direct Clients, Implementation Partners, SOW Clients and Tier 1 Client for Projects, implementation, Managed Services, Contract and Full Time Placements. Opportunities – 30 candidates on billing. H-1Bs and other status and some C2C. Annual Revenue around $6,250,000. Annual Net Margin around $826,000. Looking for a partner who will acquire the majority shares in the company and help to grow at 4 times Annual Net Margin as valuation. 


22042024 – Midwest Company – Many direct clients including FedEx, Wright Medical, Top Rx, Incapsulate, Stratosphere Quality. Many Tier 1 clients including Hexaware, Infogain and Nagarro. SOW Projects and Placements. Software Consulting firm with strong focus on niche areas of Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE), Oracle Business Intelligence Applications (OBIA), RPA, Professional Staffing Services, Software Development, IT Systems Support, SEO Solutions, Pay Per Click, Social Media Marketing, Website Development, iOS / Android App Development, Utility Industry Offering, Microsoft and Software Development. Strong player in the Oracle Business Intelligence space and is focused on delivery following Oracle’s best practice approaches and methodology. Providing end-to end Consulting, Development, Support and Managed Services in the field of Oracle Business Intelligence and associated technologies and helping right from Technology selection process to implementation. Providing blended model of resourcing which includes a mix of On-site & Offshore resources thereby ensuring successful delivery at low costs to their customers. The current yearly revenue run rate is around $4.5M. The gross margin is around $1M. EBITA is around $820,000. Looking for a good partner who can help in growing the existing clients and expand. Expecting $2M for 60% of the Shares. Buyers must pay the fee.


22080301 – Bay Area Company – 60 consultants on billing. H-1Bs, TNs, USCs, GCs and EADs. Direct Clients include Google (Global Contract with Portal Access in progress), HP Enterprise, Equinix, Western Digital (VMS), Sonicwall, KLA, E*TRADE, and WePlus. Indirect Clients include Facebook, Apple, and Intuit. Yearly Revenue, running rate, around $11,000,000. Gross hourly margin around $1222. Looking for $6.8M as sale price including $1.3M in AR-AP and Cash. 70% down payment and 30% paid quarterly with 12 months guarantee. Buyers must pay the 2% fee.


22200301 – Bay Area Company – 63 consultants on billing. 48 C2C consultants. 15 consultants on W2 (9 on own H-1B. 1 on OPT, 1 on USC and 4 in GC). Primarily working for Direct or Tier 1 clients only - HCL (VMS), Brillio (VMS), UST Global (VMS), IDC Technologies (VMS), Square, Instacart. Vendor-ships in discussion includes IBM (currently working via routing arrangement), Accenture (currently working via routing arrangement), Wipro (currently working via routing arrangement), Closed Loop and others including Hexaware (VMS), L&T (VMS), City of Oakland, Guidewire, Magna & Manitowoc. Different exceptional skills. Total yearly Revenue is around $10,500,000. Gross yearly margin around $2,000,000. EBITA around $1.5M. Looking for 5.5 times EBITA or better offer as sale price. All paid at closing. Fully structured and process oriented off-shore team of 45+ associates – including manager, leads, recruiters, accounts & HR and very minimal on-site overheads. Working on expanding offshore to 100+ resources during second half of the year and then add more customers. The owner is available to lead the team for 3-6 months on an agreeable compensation basis, if required.


I would appreciate it if you could refer to the company that you tried to acquire but did not. I may be able to find a buyer for that company. Thanks in advance for the help.

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