Medical Practice Mergers & Acquisitions

Global 1 Company, Inc. can help Medical Practices in Mergers & Acquisitions. We have extensive market experience to get the sellers organized to sell and bring buyers to the table at the right price. We create a competitive environment to sell for maximum value. 


Buying Medical Practice: We are here to help you in selecting the right practice and securing the finance for the acquisition to closing the deal.


Selling Medical Practice: We are here to help you to discover your motivation to sell, develop a plan to sell, market your practice to many buyers to get a competitive valuation and close the deal in a win win arrangement with the buyer.


Valuation of Medical Practice: Whatever may be the reason for getting the valuation of a Medical Practice, we provide independent, confidential, and unbiased valuation for the practice using the best practice process.


Partnerships: We will help you to get a suitable partner for you to pursue other things in life. We will capitalize your business, identify a suitable partner, prepare the partnership documents, and close the partnership deal.


Financing: We will help you to get finance from our partnering financiers and institutions for acquisitions, debt consolidation, real estate financing, and working capital.



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