Companies available for Mergers & Acquisitions & Investments

Following is few of the Companies that are available for mergers, acquisitions, and Investments: 


Valuation under $1M:


01032201 – Southeast Area Company – 10+ Years established company. 50% growth every year in the past 3 years. 13 candidates on 18 projects billing and one on bench. All are on H-1B. Very good Tier 1 clients. Long-term employees. Clean immigration record. The current revenue run rate is more than $2.4M. The current hourly gross margin is more than $150. Asking for $600,000 as sale price. Non-Negotiable. 70% paid at closing and the balance paid in 6 months.


08092024 – Texas Company – 1 H-1B candidate on 2 long term projects. Working through Tier-1 vendors. I-140 filed. Technical Architect. Total annual revenue run rate $$388,000. The hourly gross margin is $16.46. Looking for $60,000 as the sale price. 70% paid at closing and the balance paid in 6 months.  The buyer must pay a fee.


Valuation above $1M:


01190301 – Northern CA Company – Mostly direct end-clients. Very long-established company. Providing IT Services and Solutions. Around 70 consultants on billing. 5 H-1Bs. Around 34 of the billable candidates are on W2, 3 on 1099 and the rest are C2C. Many Direct Clients include commercial - large, medium, and small businesses, as well as government. 30+ active accounts. Long-term assignments. The current revenue run rate is around $11,000,000. The current hourly gross margin is around $1,210. Looking for 4000 times hourly gross margin. 70% paid at closing and the balance paid in 6 months. Will provide a 6-month guarantee for the 90% of the sale price.  


03190301 – West Coast Area Companies – Multiple companies. 56 candidates on billing. 24 on H-1B. 24 on OPT (12 got picked in the lottery). 1 on GC. 7 on H-4 EAD. Mostly at 80:20. Very good Tier-1 Vendors as clients. The Candidates have very good mixed skills including Java, IAM, UI, Azure, Splunk, and DevOps. The current annual revenue run rate is more than $6.8M. The current hourly gross margin is around $600. Looking for 4000 times hourly gross margin as valuation. Negotiable. 70% down payment at closing and balance paid in 6 months. 90% guarantee. The Buyer must pay a fee.


03191410 – NJ Area Company – Government Contract Company – DoD / NATO Secret Security Clearance. Services offered Systems and Strategic Planning, Subject Matter Expertise, Cybersecurity, Disaster Recovery, IT Services, e-Solutions, Geographic Information Services and Validations. Contract vehicles Navy Seaport-e in all 7 zones, Minority Owned Business, State of NY office of Temporary Disability Assistance, NY State Office of Technology & Department of Health Contract CM118AA, The Port Authority of NY and NJ Agreement #TSD-04-031, and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Master IT Contract ME481350. Two ongoing contracts work with the Navy in Nuclear Submarines Design and Launch. $12.5M awarded through 2027. Yearly revenue expected through 2027 is $2.5M with $1M expected Adjusted EBITDA. Opportunity to bid more and grow. 2022 revenue run rate around $1.6M. Adjusted EBITA around $600,000. Looking for the best offer. 70% down payment and balance paid in 6 months. The buyer must have DoD Secret Security Clearance.


03090301 – West Coast Area Company – Direct clients include IBM (Global), Wipro and TechM. Very long-established company. 101 Candidates on billing. 47 on W2 (38 on H-1B). 7 on 1099. 47 on C2C. 2022 revenue was more than $11M with AEBITDA around $1.45M. The Current revenue run rate is more than $16.6M. The current gross margin is around $2.4M. Looking for $9M as sale price. 70% paid at closing and the balance paid in 6 months.


05032201 – Eastern Area Company – Award winning DCAA certified Federal Contracts Company. Providing high-quality, cost-effective services to primarily federal agencies and a few local area State and Local governments. Federal Corporate experience includes most modern technologies like Cloud, DevOps, RPA, Opensource, SalesForce, Java, MS Technologies like SharePoint and .NET, etc. Contract Vehicles: CIOSP3 SB Prime, BPA Major Agency #1, GSA IT 70 Schedule, eFAST FAA Prime and BPA Major Agency #2. Partner to SalesForce, Azure, AWS, MicroStrategy and Acquia. Major clients include US GSA, US DOL, US DOC, USCIS, US DOT, US DHS, Office of CFO Government of DC, US DOE and MWAA. Can get CMMI Level 3 and ISO 9001:2015 certifications renewed. All current Contracts are Prime. One Contract is Full and Open. The company has submitted proposals for CIOSP4 SB, WOSB and Polaris WOSB. Estimated 2024 gross revenue will be around $2.15M. Estimated 2024 AEBITDA is around $400K. Looking for 6 times AEBITDA as sale price. 80% down payment and balance paid in 6 months. Negotiable. The seller is retiring and is willing to stay for the smooth transition.


O5091916 – Singapore Company – Established in 2016. Providing IT Consulting Services (Staff Augmentation and Manpower Management). Around 200,000 Sing$ every year since established. No revenue in 2023. Looking for the best offer. The buyer can be a Singapore Citizen, or partner with a Singapore Citizen or buy as a foreign entity.


09190912 – Midwest Area Company – Real Estate Accounting and IT Staffing ServicesAll direct clientsMore than 24 active clients. 180 professionals worldwide. 100 professionals dedicated to the KPO function. ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001:2013 certified. Yardi approved vendor. Long established. More than 26 years in business. Established offshore team for the past 25 years. Company offers exceptional quality business solutions in Property Management and Accounting disciplines to Single & Multi Family Residential, Student Housing, Commercial / Retail and Senior Living Housing. Providing services to 30,000 Single Family Residences, 120,000 Apartments and 100+ Commercial Units. Huge potential for growth with more than 44M rental properties in the USA. The global property management market is projected to grow from $15.10 billion in 2021 to $28.21 billion in 2028 at a CAGR of 9.3% in forecast period. All the existing management agreements are renewed every year. The company provides IT Staffing Services to current clients. 2023 expected revenue is around $5,245,600. 2023 AEBITDA is around $2,017,600. Projected 2025 revenue is $8,445,500.52 with AEBITDA $3,739,000.52. Looking for the best offer. Very much Motivated to sell. The owner is retiring. 70% down payment at closing and balance paid in 6 months. Got exclusive LOI.


11191410 – East Coast Company – All Direct Clients – Software Solutions Company. Established in 2006, the company provides end-to-end business solutions specializing in application management, systems integration, project management, and outsourcing. Also, it provides staff augmentation and digital strategy & marketing services. 11 ongoing projects with 6 different active clients in the legal, insurance, publishing, and education / eLearning sectors. Providing custom application development/maintenance, application/data Integration, mobile development, eCommerce, API development, cloud migration services, etc., using SalesForce, MS Dynamics, Microsoft Stack, MS Azure, Google Cloud, AWS, Data Analytics, and Blockchain. It comes with a complete offshore team. 8 onsite consultants with 6 on H-1B, 1 US Citizen, and 1 OPT. 2022 revenue is $2.4M. 2022 EBITDA is $776,330. Looking for 4 times EBITDA or best offer as the sale price. 70% of the payment at closing. Balance paid in 6 months.


13190301 – West Coast Area Company – High billing SOW based direct clients include CA DMV, CA DHCS, CA DOT, State of MN and a Medical Services company. All the projects are 2+ years duration. 30% or more profit margin. 19 candidates on billing. 6 candidates on W2. 13 C2C. One H-1B only. The current annual revenue run rate is $5.3M. The current hourly gross margin is around $800. Looking for the valuation of 4000 times hourly gross margin. Negotiable. 70% down payment at closing. Balance paid in 6 months. 


19091301 – East Coast Area Company – Long Established Company. Direct Clients, many Tier-1 clients with VMS, System integrators and staffing partners. Candidates with an average of 10 years of experience in high value IT skills like Oracle ERP (EBusiness Suite (EBS) and Java/UI skills. Average bill rate $93/hr with average margin $19/hr. 46 consultants on 55 projects. 39 on W2. 35 H1B’s. No OPT/CPT or H-4 EAD. 32 more H-1B candidates in pipeline. Comes with complete Back office offshore operations teams for recruiting, sales, and immigration. The current revenue run rate is more than $10.0M. The current hourly gross margin is around $1030. Looking for 3800 times hourly gross margin as sale price. 75% down payment at closing and balance paid in 6 months. 90% guarantee. Cash only deal.


19220301 – CA Company - One stop website to educate international students about various universities and programs in USA, Canada, and Australia. Students save time by entering application details once and applying to multiple universities with just a few clicks. Company has partnered with many universities across USA, Canada, and Australia to make it easier for students to apply to multiple universities. Once an application is submitted at the company website, it will be sent in real time to the university admissions committee for processing. The buyer can grow this business 10X by onboarding partnerships with more universities. Additional value-added services to the sourced students like training etc. The buyer can leverage the leads coming through this platform and use it to attract OPT/CPT students for your consulting business. You get lot of traffic for the website so this can be monetized by selling ads to the universities or trainings or you could be a google Ads partner. Lot of potential to increase the website traffic. A Canadian-based company works like this website and grew to a multi-billion-dollar business. You can also convert this to a true SAAS business like 9M page impressions and 256K page visits from google search in 2023. 1300 Student Registrations in 2023. 2023 Revenue is more than 87K. 60% net margin. Looking for $500,000 as valuation


20121410 – East Coast Area Company – Good Tier 1 Clients. 22 candidates on billing. Mostly on TN Visa. All are with DevOps skills. Comes with back-office team. The current revenue run rate is around $1.6M. The hourly gross margin is $349. Looking for 4200 times hourly gross margin as valuation. 70% down payment at closing. Balance paid in 6 months with 90% guarantee.


20201425  Northeast Area Company – Long established, All Direct Clients. Clients include Prudential Financial, Estee Lauder, Sirius XM, Warner Music Group, and others. Providing IT Staff Augmentation, Onsite, Nearshore, Offshore. Project support provided On-site/Offshore. Practice groups include Cloud Services, Dev Ops, Business Intelligence, and Data Analytics. Huge potential to grow with new clients in pipeline. Around 75 Consultants on billing. Very efficient back office and recruitment operations located Hyderabad, India. Operating costs are low. Only 18 on W2. No H-1Bs. Around $14M current revenue run rate. The yearly gross margin is around $3M. Adjusted EBITDA is around $2M.  Looking for $8M as the sales price. 70% down payment at closing and balance paid in 12 months with 80% guarantee. Owners are highly cooperative and motivated for a smooth sale /transition. Slightly Negotiable and Stock Purchase only.


22042024 – Midwest Company – Many direct clients including FedEx, Wright Medical, Top Rx, Incapsulate, Stratosphere Quality. Many Tier 1 clients including Hexaware, Infogain and Nagarro. SOW Projects and Placements. Software Consulting firm with strong focus on niche areas of Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE), Oracle Business Intelligence Applications (OBIA), RPA, Professional Staffing Services, Software Development, IT Systems Support, SEO Solutions, Pay Per Click, Social Media Marketing, Website Development, iOS / Android App Development, Utility Industry Offering, Microsoft and Software Development. Strong player in the Oracle Business Intelligence space and is focused on delivery following Oracle’s best practice approaches and methodology. Providing end-to end Consulting, Development, Support and Managed Services in the field of Oracle Business Intelligence and associated technologies and helping right from Technology selection process to implementation. Providing blended model of resourcing which includes a mix of On-site & Offshore resources thereby ensuring successful delivery at low costs to their customers. The current yearly revenue run rate is around $3.2M. The hourly gross margin is around $423. Looking for 4000 times hourly gross margin as sale price. 70% down payment and balance paid in 6 months with 90% guarantee. Buyers must pay the fee.


22090301 – West Coast Based Company – Fortune 100 Direct Clients. Client's Includes A) Client-A ($280 Billion Technology research and analysis company), B) Client-B (Hotel brand with 8,500+ properties across 138 countries), C) Client-C (American multinational investment bank 41 countries and more than 75,000 employees $18 Billion). Around 26 candidates are on billing. Only 5 on H-1B. Mostly SalesForce, Java, and DevOps skills. Good ground Sales & Recruiting team in US and India. The current revenue run rate is $5+M per annum. The current hourly gross margin is around $426. Comes with $500,000 AR minus AP. Looking for $2.2M as sale price. $2M paid at closing. Balance paid in 6 months with 90% guarantee. The company has many Fortunes 100's direct MSA (with MSP Portal access). The buyer pays the 2% fee.


Products and Investments:


Simple720 - Simple and affordable way to file IRS Form 720 Excise Taxes, Form 8849 Schedules, and Form 720-X amendment Online. There are around 58 Forms with 8 schedules in the Excise taxes in IRS. More than 16M filings every month. Even if the company gets 1% of the online filing, which will be around 160,000 filing every month and the estimated early revenue will be around $50M in 3 years. IRS is pushing for electronic filing. Looking for an investing partner who can invest $1.5M and get 25% of the ownership in the company.


Telehealth - is a virtual healthcare platform that empowers healthcare providers like doctors and nurse practitioners to seamlessly conduct tele-visit sessions with patients and their loved ones. There is no need for patients or other invited parties to sign into an account or download any apps before joining a session with their healthcare provider. Comes with a complete set of APIs is provided for integrating all of the platform’s collaboration features with any 3rd party solutions. It is Secure, completely web-based (App-Less), Waiting Room, One to One, Conferencing, Patient Education, No Patient Sign-in, Send SMS and eMail invitations and Deployment Options.


DevOps Tool – Opinionated Kubernetes Operations Platform with Complete Control to fix the time spent by the Development Teams in understanding the underlying details of cloud native development & deployment. This is a powerful Cloud Native application platform with Kubernetes as an automated container deployment. Development team can build, deliver and scale containerized apps faster and easier. This tool will automate, adopt, improve and reduce various aspects of the apps development and deployment. This tool comes out on top when compared with other tools like Rancher, OpenShift and Tanzu. Deloitte is one of the early adopters. Looking to sell the source code.


16122024 – Lumber Mill is operating on 33 acres in South Texas, producing green pine lumber products primarily for the construction, rail ties and wood pallet industries in the US Gulf Coast and beyond. Has three production lines. More than 6 active customers. Has a purchase order for rail tie, value of $1.2M. Projected annual revenue $13.2M by working in 2 shifts. Expected profit $1.15M per year.  Looking for a partner who can invest $700,000 as equity or convertible loan.


Real Estate Investment - If you are interested in investing in the following real estate investment opportunity, please let me know. I will connect you with the group:


This group gives you an opportunity to DIVERSIFY your portfolio without the traditional high capital barrier to entry in real estate investments. Their Co-Founders have a combined 50 years of technology and real estate strategy experience. The founders invest in everything that is offered to their investors. Their core operating principle is capital preservation and a predictable return as a solid alternative to other investment strategies. Their strategy is consistency and longevity merged to complete transparency with their investors. They believe that communication and real time access to metrics and statistics give you confidence in choosing them.


Their portfolio is a collection of assets in multiple real estate classes including retail shopping centers, hospitality, medical office buildings and corporate office buildings. With assets in 12 states and $550Mn + in asset value, YOU benefit from a diversified portfolio, passive investments, alternative investments, and property appreciation with profits shared proportionally.


They are now offering Class-A, Class-B shares on their newest fund for prospective High Net Worth Individuals. This fund will have 10% Cash on Cash and 15% Annual Returns. With added appreciation on top of the percentages. Focused on Triple Net Leases to High Credit National Brand Tenants.


Benefits of investing with this groups are Principal Preservation, Consistent Monthly Dividends, 10-12% Annual Cash on Cash, 15-18% Average Annual Returns over 5 years, Tax Saving Strategies, Diversified Portfolio (Retail, Hotels, Development), Proprietary Investor Portal and Liquidity Via Proprietary "Group Exchange". 



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