Information Technology Industry Mergers & Acquisitions!


We pledge to our Buyers to provide with the fitting business through our contacts in the IT industry. If you are looking to expand your business inorganically, please call us.


Steps in Buying a business:

1. Meeting and Discuss 
To understand your needs.
2. Signing Confidentiality Agreement 
You will sign a confidentiality agreement to protect all involved.
3. Identifying the Right Business 
We will start our process and bring you the right business.
4. Showing Business 
We will arrange to get you the information regarding the business you are interested in and arrange a meeting with the seller for you to clear up your queries. 
5. Offer or Letter of Intent 
You will present the seller with your letter of intent. 
6. Due Diligence 
We will help you with due diligence to understand the business you are buying and make the final offer and proceed to settlement. 
7. Settlement 
The final phase of the purchase. We will advise the seller and you to engage your own attorneys and finalize the settlement. 


FYI, this is sellers’ market in the IT Industry M&A. Since it has become difficult to grow organically, there are many buyers in the market looking to grow inorganically through acquisitions. Many are looking to close deals before the end of this year.


We pledge to our Sellers to sell their business quickly and to get the best market rate possible.

 For some reason, if you have decided to sell your business, we are here to help you. Please contact us.


Steps in selling your business:

1. Meeting and Interview 
To understand your requirements including your expectations and payment terms. 
2. Collect Data 
We will ask for your business information to produce the valuation. 
3. Value the Business 
By checking the industry across the nation at that time, we will produce the value for your business.
4. List the Business 
Once we sign the Listing/Sale Agreement, we will start the marketing. 
5. Market your Business 
We will reach out to our vast buyers in the market. 
6. Interview Prospective Buyers 
We will pre-qualify the buyers to save your most valuable time. 
7. Showing Business 
With your approval, we will present your business information to the buyer, after they have signed the Confidentiality Agreement. Also, we will arrange for your meeting with the buyer. 
8. Offer or Letter of Intent 
We will get a letter of intent from the buyer. 
9. Due Diligence 
You must gather the past 3-5 years of financial data including Tax Returns, P&Ls, and Balance Sheets. We will also need copies of your current agreements for due diligence
10. Settlement 
The final phase of the purchase. We will advise the buyer and you to engage your own attorneys and finalize the settlement. 


Clients looking for IT Companies:

The following are some of the clients who are looking to acquire US IT companies:

1.       The buyer has $1,000,000 cash on hand, looking for a small company or assets to acquire.


2.      The Buyer has immediate cash available to acquire a H-1B dependent company with less than 50 employees.


3.      Publicly trading company in India is looking to acquire companies in USA. Will provide higher valuation than the local market. Will give 40% cash and 60% in India company shares. Guarantees 60% of the shares' value by paying in cash if the valuation of the shares goes down after 12 months.  


4.      Publicly trading company in USA is looking to acquire companies. Will give higher valuation. Will give shares for double the value at closing. Will give equal monthly installments in cash and will take back the shares. All the payments will be settled in 12 months. The seller does not have to provide a guarantee.


5.     Around $360M in revenue company is having $30M in acquisition line of credit from Deloitte. Looking for good companies to acquire immediately.


6.     $85M in revenue company is looking to make it to $100M in revenue before end of the year.


7.      Many PEs are in the market to acquire IT Services Companies.

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