"I am writing to provide a strong recommendation for Mr. Ravi based. I have acquired 4 IT companies through Ravi in the last one year. I have had the privilege of working closely with Ravi during this period and have been consistently impressed by his skills, knowledge, dedication, and transparency.

Ravi has a deep understanding of company assets and valuation which helped me make my decisions faster. One of Ravi's key strengths is his ability to effectively communicate and build relationships with both buyer and seller throughout the acquisition process. His excellent interpersonal skills enable him to establish rapport and foster collaboration with target company executives, legal teams, and internal departments. Ravi's open and transparent communication style has been instrumental in ensuring a smooth integration process post-acquisition.


In conclusion, I have no hesitation in recommending Ravi for any role involving the acquisition process within the IT industry. His impressive record of accomplishment, expertise, and dedication make him an exceptional professional in this field. I am confident that he will continue to excel in the mergers and acquisitions world. I wish him good luck.



Ram Busireddy"

"The Asta Group has now been working with Ravi for over 3 years. Ravi has been a pivotal point in our M&A strategy and visits on to take us from a $30M group to now a $100M+ group with key acquisitions that not just only added top line to our revenue, but also added various IT business verticals and domains that we did not have before. His speed and accuracy of finding the right DNA march for the group is pivotal for us as an organization and a buyer.

Also, in the last 3 years that we have worked together, his work ethics, services and looking at the Buyers's ROI and doing some key valuations has been a plus for us. Also, his 30+ years of experience in the IT industry comes handy in tough negotiations situations between buyer and seller and eases the gaps to make it a win-win deal.

Ravi continues to be an integral part in our pursuit to become a $500M company soon; and is also now lending his services to our fund-raising requirements.

Prab - Chairman / CEO - Asta Group of Companies"


"Logic Planet has been working with Global1 for over 7 years, Ravi helped us with 8 acquisitions over the years. Ravi is professional, he understands our needs and works closely with our team in identifying the right companies which fit our business model.


SV – President (Logic Planet Group of Companies)"



"Ravi was a critical business partner in the sale of my company.  He was able to provide full service selling advice to ensure that we were fully represented during the entire acquisition process.  He was able to bring multiple qualified buyers to us, and we were able to close with the second buyer he introduced us to.  During the closing process, Ravi was able to provide great insights and advice on how to structure the closing agreement to ensure fair and adequate compensation for all parties involved in the transaction.  I would highly recommend Ravi to represent my company again.  Thank you so much, Ravi!

Thomas R Truitt – CEO / President – OST Corp"

“Ravi was a pleasure to work with. Very simple and straight forward person who is genuinely neutral and works for the interest of both sides. I will definitely work with him again for our M&A needs in future and highly recommend him. JS – Seller”

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